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Deep beneath the Mendip Hills lies an underworld of secret caverns and half-glimpsed creatures. Cavers emerge wide eyed with tales of supernatural symbols and witches' marks. Home to the Wookey Brewing Co. whose magically crafted small batch brews contain super-natural ingredients of their own. 


In the spring of 2020 (a year that will go down in history) the magic began to happen, Samuel dreamt of having a flavoursome hoppy beer for the famous village of Wookey Hole, Somerset because he was tired of the tasteless commercially brewed beers available on the UK market.


He decided that he couldn't do this alone so he asked a fellow beer connoisseur to join in partnership with him in making the dream come true. They both decided that they wanted a sessionable beer, which is easy on the palate and doesn't leave an after taste. That's when their flagship beer 'Witch Way Home' was born. 

Since then we have gone from strength to strength with our craft beers and real ales with winning both gold and bronze awards in 2022, all our beers are now stocked in many outlets across the west country and the south of England.

Every batch of beer we produce is carefully crafted with passion and expertise. Our team of skilled brewers combines traditional brewing techniques with modern innovation to create unique and unforgettable flavour profiles. Our ethos is to always provide value to our customers while producing exceptional craft beers that delight the taste buds of beer enthusiasts worldwide. Our dedication to quality with using super natural vegan friendly ingredients, creativity, and innovation sets us apart in the competitive craft beer industry.


This is what will support continued growth for us and for our customers.

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