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Serpent of the Axe is a delicious, light and crisp pale ale. It's bursting with flavour, thanks to the extra pale malts and super fresh Pioneer and Aurora hops with a citrusy and tropical profile.


The story behind Serpent of the Axe:


A legend of a conger eel around 30ft long, that lives in the caves. Many centuries ago, this eel wanted to be king of the river. He swam up the Severn, but he ruined the salmon nets and flooded the surrounding countryside.


The furious fishermen drove him back and they forced him into the narrow River Axe. He managed to get into Wookey Hole, but he couldnt get back out and legend has it that the serpent is stuck in there to this day.


Serpent of the Axe (VG) 🌱

PrixÀ partir de 3,25£
  • Can Size: 440ml

    Abv. 4%

    Suitable for Vegans

    Contains: Gluten

    Store Cold and Drink Fresh

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