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Cheers to Success: Elixir American Triple Hopped IPA Wins Silver at Taste of the West 2024 Awards.


Our modern alcohol free brewing technique allows us to optimise super natural full flavours from the Citra, Cascade and Columbus hops.


These hops contribute to the beer's distinct flavor profile, providing a balance of bitterness and aromatic qualities. Additionally, Elixir is brewed using extra pale malts, which further enhance the beer's taste and body. This careful selection of ingredients showcases our commitment to creating a unique and enjoyable drinking experience, even without the presence of alcohol.

Elixir 0.5% (VG) 🌱

PrecioDesde 2,95£
  • Can Size: 440ml

    Abv. 0.5%

    Suitable for Vegans

    Contains: Gluten

    Store Cold and Drink Fresh

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